Andres Santo Domingo and Kemado Records at SXSW

South by Southwest may be over, but that doesn’t mean that we can look back at one of the biggest music events in the year and see some of the great images and pictures that came out of the event.  Based in Austin, SXSW brings over 2,000 musicians, performers, filmmakers, and emerging artists to the middle of Texas for a great round of music and art.

Anyone who is interested in upcoming music eventually finds their way to SXSW. It might not be as well known as other festivals, but there are tons of networking events, including parties and shows, and several industry heads usually end up there.

One of the best parts of SXSW, is that it’s primarily a place that artists and labels that are independent or not as well known can come and perform. One of those  independent labels is Kemado records, founded in part by  Andres Santo Domingo.  With their focus on indie rock and pop, metal, experimental music, and psychedelic rock, it’s not surprising that they saw four of their label’s bands come to SXSW.

To get a full look at all of the things that Mexican Summer and Kemado records did at SXSW check out their social media.   Three of the four groups that Kemado Records and Andres Santo Domingo brought to SXSW were featured on their instagram feed: the Mood Rings, Part Time, and Autre Ne Veut.  They really are some great images.

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