Andres Santo Domingo apartment

Andres Santo Domingo has a beautiful apartment, mostly thanks to the style of his beautiful wife Lauren Santo Domingo. A contributing editor for Vogue and New York socialite, Lauren took photographers from Vogue into her and Andres’ apartment in New York.  The Santo Domingo’s share a Flatiron loft that, as Lauren puts it, “is constantly evolving,  constantly changing.”

The loft is beautiful, and has tons of eclectic items. The living room, which Lauren says is mainly used for entertaining guests is crowned by a great glass beaker that she found by typing “weird science experiment into eBay.” She has a couple of other odd pieces, like “In front of the coffee table (next to the copper dome that came from Colombia, where my husband is from) there is a neon-pink stump stool, which I bought because my friend Amanda Brooks told me that every house has to have a “wart,” or one really ugly piece.”

Of course Lauren isn’t the only one who has eclectic items.  Her husband Andres Santo Domingo has a some interesting things in his offices as well, such as huge vinyl collection (the Santo Domingo’s have an all-vinyl house with no CD player or iPod), a life-sized lego bulldog, and a set of BE@RBRICK toy robots from Japan.

Check out all of the beautiful images of Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo ‘s apartment in Vogue here.

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