Andres Santo Domingo Chairs Dinner for Conservation International

In a scene studded with environmentalists, politicians and stars, Andres Santo Domingo played host to one of Washington’s biggest environmentally focused nonprofits: Conservation International.  The 16th annual dinner for the organization, of which the Santo Domingo family has been involved with for many years, was held at the Plaza Hotel in New York.  Issues being discussed were preservation of the ocean in the South Pacific, Arctic waters, the Mekong River and African elephants.


The CEO of Conservation International, Peter Seligmann, paid tribute to Andres Santo Domingo’s father Julio Mario, who died in 2011.  Julio Mario Santo Domingo was a board member for seven years after being introduced to the nonprofit by David Rockafeller, Sr.  Julio Mario built the family business to its prominence, making them one of the richest families in Colombia.


The dinner was led by Andres Santo Domingo, who said he learned from his father to be kind to people and to everything around.  He also told the audience his family admired Conservation International for its practical science driven approach.  Andres and his brother Alejandro accepted a posthumous Global Conservation Hero Award on their father’s behalf.  Andres follows in his father’s footsteps with wide philanthropic pursuits.  He has supported artistic, educational and medical charities alike, along with his wife Lauren.


Conservation International was founded in 1987 in Washington, D.C. and works to promote the preservation of clean air and water all over the world.  The organization has been able to harness some very powerful people as well as celebrity draw.  Harrison Ford is the vice-chairman of the board, led by Rob Walton of Wal-Mart Stores.

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