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Andres Santo Domingo apartment

Andres Santo Domingo has a beautiful apartment, mostly thanks to the style of his beautiful wife Lauren Santo Domingo. A contributing editor for Vogue and New York socialite, Lauren took photographers from Vogue into her and Andres’ apartment in New York.  The Santo Domingo’s share a Flatiron loft that, as Lauren puts it, “is constantly […]

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Andres Santo Domingo mentioned in The New York Times

New York City socialite and philanthropist Andres Santo Domingo was featured in The New York Times for his involvement with Conservation International. The non-profit organization’s mission is to protect nature and its biodiversity, for the benefit of humanity. The organization has helped protect more than 260 million acres of land and sea since 1987. Mr. Santo […]

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Death of Andres Santo Domingo ‘s father

In October of 2011, Andres Santo Domingo’s father Julio Mario Santo Domingo died at his home in New York City.  As reported by Forbes, Julio died at age 87 and his death was reported by Columbian TV broadcaster Caracol, which is owned by the Santo Domingo family conglomerate. According to Forbes, the elder Santo Domingo […]

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Andres Santo Domingo belongs to one of the most important families in New York

According to the New York Post, Andres Santo Domingo belongs to one fo the most important families in New York.  Unlike families like the Hiltons or the Trumps, the Sant oDomingo family is rarely in the news- yet they are just as (if not more) rich, influential, and classy as any family in New York. Andres ‘ […]

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