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Andres Santo Domingo with wife Lauren Santo Domingo

Pictures of Andres Santo Domingo

Given that Andres Santo Domingo is a socialite in New York, it is perhaps not surprising that there are a large amount of pictures of him of him online.  It helps that his wife, Lauren Santo Domingo, is incredibly successful and also incredibly stylish.  In fact, she’s a contributing editor at Vogue.  Both Lauren and […]

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Andres Santo Domingo- socialite, philanthropist and music executive

Andres Santo Domingo is a New York City socialite, philanthropist and music executive. In 2002, Andres Santo Domingo and Tom Clapp co-founded Kemado Records. The label focuses on digital and limited-edition vinyl records. Kemado Records is linked to its sister labels Mexican Summer and Software records. According to a feature on Vogue.com, it turns out […]

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Andres Santo Domingo apartment

Andres Santo Domingo has a beautiful apartment, mostly thanks to the style of his beautiful wife Lauren Santo Domingo. A contributing editor for Vogue and New York socialite, Lauren took photographers from Vogue into her and Andres’ apartment in New York.  The Santo Domingo’s share a Flatiron loft that, as Lauren puts it, “is constantly […]

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Andres Santo Domingo belongs to one of the most important families in New York

According to the New York Post, Andres Santo Domingo belongs to one fo the most important families in New York.  Unlike families like the Hiltons or the Trumps, the Sant oDomingo family is rarely in the news- yet they are just as (if not more) rich, influential, and classy as any family in New York. Andres ‘ […]

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